Comparing the performances of two techniques for the optimization under parametric uncertainty of the simultaneous design and planning of a multiproduct batch plant

Guillermo Andrés Durand, Marta Susana Moreno, Fernando Daniel Mele, Jorge Marcelo Montagna, Alberto Bandoni


This paper addresses the comparison between two techniques for the optimization under parametric uncertainty of multiproduct batch plants integrating design and production planning decisions. This problem has been conceived as a two-stage stochastic Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) in which the first-stage decisions consist of design variables that allow determining the batch plant structure, and the second-stage decisions consist of production planning continuous variables in a multi-period context. The objective function maximizes the expected net present value. In the first solving approach, the problem has been tackled through mathematical programming considering a discrete set of scenarios. In the second solving approach, the multi-scenario MILP problem has been reformulated by adopting a simulation-based optimization scheme to accommodate the variables belonging to different management levels. Advantages and disadvantages of both approaches are demonstrated through a case study. Results allow concluding that a simulation-based optimization strategy may be a suitable technique to afford two-stage stochastic programming problems.


Uncertainty; Two-stage stochastic programming; Simulation-based optimization

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